ANGEL’S STORY – it was during the final years of Angel’s life that I started to study and practice Usui Reiki, with Fotini Chandrika, Reiki Master, at the Big Red Barn in Tottenham, Ont.  Obtaining my Level I in April of 2018, and Level II in May of 2018, and then in September of 2018 obtaining my Animal Reiki Certification, with Susan Rouse, Reiki Master, Cedar Cove Wellness, Cobourg, Ont.  Recently, March 8, 2020, I obtained my Usui Reiki Master Teacher Degree with Fotini at the Big Red Barn in Tottenham, Ont.  I have been and continue to own and operate Canines of Mind, offering Animal Care and Training since 2012.

Angel was a huge part of the business, and accompanied me every day on dog walks and visits to his many doggie friends.  In March of 2018, he became sick and I was at my wits end, running numerous tests with no answers, I knew his kidneys were weak but his front paws were curling under on walks, which left me carrying him home.   Something neurological I felt, but without doing expensive and extensive testing there seemed to be no way of knowing.  It was actually thru the gifting of a crystal to my Grandson, who subsequently lost it and asked for another, that prompted finding the business card of the lady I had purchased the crystal from.   As I read the card I realized she was an Animal Reiki Practitioner, I had some knowledge of Reiki at the time, I realized she might be able to help Angel and this is why my Grandson had lost the crystal and drawn me to the card. I called her on the Saturday afternoon and left a message, by Monday morning Angel’s condition had worsened and was barely able to stand up, I had put a call in to the Vet, left a message for him to come to the house.  The phone rang later that afternoon, it was the Animal Reiki Practitioner, I booked an appointment for her to come to the house the next afternoon.  Angel was a very aloof dog, he was not one to greet people at the door, but he knew somehow she was coming for him and he managed to get up to greet her at the door.   As she sat down on the floor with him he stretched out in front of her, she worked on him for a good half hour, {animals know instinctively exactly how much Reiki they require to heal, and will move away from you when they have had enough}until he indicated he had had enough.  She had said his Sacral Chakra was well out of balance and had balanced that along with his other chakras.   I thanked her for coming.  After she left he went to his bed and slept thru the entire evening and into the next morning.

Upon rising the next day, he seemed much better, was able to get up go out into the yard to do his business on his own,  I had arranged to take Angel to a friend’s house for the day as I was working and didn’t want to leave him alone, upon reaching her house, he joyfully went out into her yard and started running laps around her garden with her dogs playing with them, we literally stood there jaws dropped, the Reiki had worked!

I called (Mylannia from Pawsitive Balance – Reiki Practioner} to tell her the good news and thank her so much, for her I will be forever grateful. 

Angel continued to live a good quality of life, and received Reiki treatments every 2 weeks, until his kidneys broke down in Feb of 2019,  he passed away peacefully at home on February 13, 2019. I was able to offer him Reiki and be by his side thru his passing, it is a blessing when you are able to do this.

I believe, Angel, was my greatest teacher, and opened my eyes to the world of Reiki healing and how much it can help pets and people.  Angel had the opportunity in September of 2018 at the same time as I did my Animal Reiki course of receiving an Attunement from Reiki Master (Susan Rouse – Cedar Cove Wellness) which enabled him to give Reiki to other animals using his eyes and paws.  An honor he was so deserving of.

God Bless Angel R.I.P.   Beautiful Boy XO   My greatest Teacher.